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måndag 2 september 2013

I have spiritbonded with my pants


Alright, some strange things have happened in the world of Eorzea. Firsly, there is a huge fashion crisis. I mean it. Check out this picture of me and some random guy I met in the woods. That's not underwear, that's pants! And I must say they are looking way better on me.

Seriously dude, that's a bit too parade gay for a guy who thrusts lances into ... oh.

Aaaaanyway, a bit later that night I got the lovely message that I had "spiritbonded" with my pants. Okay, that's lovely game. It seems like a true spiritual bond developes when you wear an item long enough. Lovely.

So it's kindof a need-to-wash-warning?

Hey, you have worn these pants so damn long, they have fused with your body and soul! Not only will no one else ever use them now (not surprising, considering how long I have worn them without changing), they have been on your butt long enough that they are now part of your very soul. Aaaaw. Fantastic.

The very next day, I became spiritually attuned to the rest of my garments.

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