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fredag 30 augusti 2013

New adventures killing stuff

I have mostly been doing quests with Vivacia. She had her 10th level birthday today! Yatta! She celebrated with a shower in this lovely waterfall.

I have noticed that a lot of quests are "kill 5 of this kind and run back". It's a bit underwhelming, story-wise. There was a cool event with the chick in red boots and her little lallafel friend and this sequence was actually voiced! But other than that, it's been a lot of standard running around killing 5 of each kind of creature that the world provides. When I see a new kind of creature I think "oh, lovely, I wonder how many of those I will be sent to kill?"

A bit of variation wouldn't have been the worst!

I also messed around with the graphics settings and de-pimped the combat graphics. I no longer look like a bloody fireworks factory when I shoot squirrels! Also, I updated my graphics routines, so hopefully the game will be a little prettier. I have a GeForce 650, it shouldn't look like vanilla WoW.

However, exiting the game to update my graphics routines... placed me in the tough situation of trying to get in again. Without a queue system. I keep getting the 1017 error when I try to log in. Try again later, buttface! Argh. Frustration.

Get the freaking server queue system up and running!

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