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torsdag 29 augusti 2013

Squirrel must die!

So, Vivacia set out to become the greatest archer ever to fire an arrow. I ran around Gridania, collecting quests like crazy. It seems like everyone wants me to do something! Squirrels seem to be an especially huge problem for the Gridanians, as I am asked by several NPCs to practically committ squirrel genocide.

Well, said and done, squirrels be gone!

I also changed my outfit slightly. Apparently, putting on an eyepatch makes me a better archer. I can't really figure out how an eyepatch would do that, since it messes up your depth perception. It must be some magical eyepatch with a built-in secret sight enhancement spell! Or someone at Square Enix simply had a brain fart.

My first impressions of the game...

1) Lots of quests to do. It is not lacking in content.
2) Lots of annoying talk boxes to click through. The content is basically pointless, and you usually have no choices to make.  Just get on with it, I don't need your life's story in 10 talk boxes before you ask med to fetch three mushrooms!
3) Still no talk bubbles for characters. I considered this one of the most unnecessary flaws of old XIV, and I am disappointed that it is not fixed yet. It is quite simple to give the players the option of talk bubbles! Please give it! It is hopeless trying to find the person who talks, it's easy to miss stuff in the tiny chat window, and frankly - I want the sense of being with other players when I visit populated areas. I want to "hear" them talking. In bubbles.
4) Much improved inventory and a very neat system for armor / worn gear! Apparently, clothes does not take up your usual inventory slots and you can arrange them in a very good way.
5) A market board! No more running from retainer to retainer crap. Hurrah!
6) I am a bit disappointed in the graphics. The game is nice-looking, but the graphics is noticably worse than original XIV. Wierd. The could at least have given the option of original-level graphics for the players with good computers.
7) A bit off balance with the tutorials. Some things needed more explanation, most things needed less explanation. Keep it simple, folks! I don't need 3 pages of instructions in how I right-click a thing to interact with it.
8) The combat graphics are a bit... overdone. Spammy. I am level 4 and when I shoot stuff with my bow, I get all kinds of lightnings effects emminating from me, the bow, the arrow... it's like new year's eve with every freaking shot! Can I turn this off, please? I want to be an archer, not a fireworks factory on fire.

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