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This is the journal of Vivacia Hoshi, an adventurous kitty in the world of Final Fantasy XIV. Find me in the deep woods of the Siren server and please enjoy these tales of my travels.

torsdag 29 augusti 2013

Ending the first day

Viv is done for the day. Today I have eradicated squirrels, mushrooms, obo-obos and lots of other innocent forest creatures. I have also managed to aquire an almost complete set of new gear! Including this rather lovely tunic. Don't be fooled by the photo, it's really a nice shade of dark-blue that goes great with my hair. I also found a new bow. Miao! Kitty wants to hunt!

The Black Shroud is more open than I recall it from XIV. Not so labyrinth-like, but still pretty much deviod of spectacular views. I bet the lucky bastards who chose Limsa Lominsa got better views! But I will not be in this forest forever, I am sure that Eorzea is full of fantastic views.

However amusing the character names are, I turned them off. It's simply too spammy to have all the text running around on the screen. Some highlights I saw were "Ziggy Stardust" "Gin Tonic" "Oppa Gangnam" "Master Oogway" and "Khaleesi Stark". Nice, that last one. Seems like there is someone besides me who believes that Danaerys might end up in the arms of Jon former Snow now Stark!

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