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torsdag 29 augusti 2013

Revival - A Realm Reborn

Alright, so FFXIV is reborn!

Meet the new Vivacia, a kitty starting out in Gridania to try out the Realm Reborn attempt to make a decent game out of the mess that was FFXIV.

So far, I am one annoyed kitty.

x) The server queues do not work - making it near impossible to log in.
x) Alt-tabbing still crashes the game, and in combination with 1), this is more than an inconvenience.
x) The intro is painfully long with way way way too many pointless dialogue frames to click through.

So, except for not being able to play, and being painfully annoyed by the game... things are looking good. I think. The graphics are not quite as nice as I recall them from XIV. Let's see where this goes. 

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