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This is the journal of Vivacia Hoshi, an adventurous kitty in the world of Final Fantasy XIV. Find me in the deep woods of the Siren server and please enjoy these tales of my travels.

måndag 27 september 2010

Journal of the Kitty - the start

Hi there!

This is the start of the journal of the adventurous kitty - Vivacia Yuuki. She is a fictional character living in the world of Final Fantasy XIV. Well, trying to live and make a living, at least. So far she has been dying a lot and spent most of her time being confused, but it is still a fun journey.

I make a kitty because they are very cute and have big ears. Sadly I could not make a dwarf in FFXIV (usually my race of choice), but hey, I'll go for the cute stuff this time. The kitty is named Vivacia after the Liveship in the epic fantasy series Liveship Traders by Robin Hobb, and the surname Yuuki is japanese for "courage" - I felt that this was an appropriate homage to a great author as well as the japanese origin of the Final Fantasy game.

Anyhow, Viv is a marauder blacksmith and she has been a menace to animal life in the woods of the Black Shroud these last few days. Squirrels and marmots beware!

Anyhow, sadly, due to the *^?//%& ass morons who designed this game, there are very few trade possibilities, so Viv can't seem to find any new stuff to wear. Her stuff is starting to break. I was informed of this by a nice icon saying something along the lines of "something is broken... guess what!"

Searching through half a dussin menus I finally found the right submenu for checking broken gear. I can really imagine Viv (seemingly mildly retarded) sitting in a clearing in the woods checking her stuff...

Hmm... is it my axe that's broken? No, it seems fine. Alright... could it be my shoes? No, they seem okay. My gloves are a bit tarnished... gotta do something about that... hmm... I can't really figure it out... what the heck is broken? Did I check my axe already? Yes, it's fine. How about my underpants? Oh fuck, broken! Shredded! But my pants are fine? How did I manage that? It seems quite impressive to break my underpants in battle without much significant damage to my pants.

Oh well. After the broken underpants incident, I decided to go exploring. I wandered off into the wilds and discovered a really hauntingly beautiful windswept moor that looked like something Heathcliff might like to hang out at. Anyhow, while I was lusting after a hunky Heathcliff and checking out the scenery, I got my butt kicked by an evil bird.

Tomorrow we shall move on to new adventures!

Stay tuned.

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1 kommentar:

  1. Lol, pwnd. ;-)

    Yeah, wonder how you broke your underpants, girl!



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