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This is the journal of Vivacia Hoshi, an adventurous kitty in the world of Final Fantasy XIV. Find me in the deep woods of the Siren server and please enjoy these tales of my travels.

onsdag 29 september 2010

Wednesday's adventure

Hi there!

Today I spent some time crafting and practising my blacksmithing, armorsmithing and goldsmithing. It gets a bit confusing sometimes, when I have my blacksmithing hammer out and tries to select something to make... but noooo.... I need my armorsmithing hammar for that. Growl. One would think that in a more sensible reality, I would realise on my own that it was the wrong hammer and simply exchange them automatically. But nooooo....

After my crafting session, I headed out to Camp Emerald Moss again. Lucky me, I found a guy there selling gloves! Kitty likes new leather.... miao! I teamed up with a friendly gnome who couldn't stop looking up my tail... and together we exterminated some malicious fungi.

Really now, when do we get to the dragons? I'm level 16. Seriously, game, you want me to annihalate 8 mushrooms? And maybe a couple of badgers and a snake?

Yeah, that is a freaking funny/annoying video! Nothing however to do with Final Fantasy, though. You are now converted to the badger tribe!

Speaking of tribes, I had a bit of an Avatar-moment when I found this awesome tree in the woods... it was a kind of crystal white and swaying in a very hauntingly beautiful way in the green glade. I couldn't stop to admire it for long... those mushrooms needed swift punishment!

Eight mushrooms later, I returned to Camp Emerald Moss. I am starting to feel that this area is getting a bit old. Green, green, green, and you know what? Just a hint of green.

Tomorrow I'll try to find my way to some other area, I think. I've heard good thing about this lake-city somewhere in the far far away. Time for some change, I say!

So I'll take my noob level 1 axe (still haven't been able to upgrade!) and my still broken underwear (yeeeew!) that I am not allowed to remove to repair, and leave for Limbo Limbasa? Whatever it's called. I hope they have gay pirates, they are the best!

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