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lördag 9 oktober 2010

The best starting area of FFXIV

Okay, so I got some questions about what the best starting area is, so let's discuss that!

As for me, I started in Gridania. I had no idea about the options, so I just thought "fuck it" and picked one. I ended up in the woods.

By now, I have visited all three cities. They differ in some significant ways, primarily in that each city houses different guilds and merchants. For instance, Gridania seems to lack a weapons merchant, meaning that if you start there, you'll have a really hard time changing your class.

I don't really know why that is. I mean, one would think that all types of shops would develope in each city in a marketable location. Like, hello? Stupid. Of course Gridanians want to buy weapons too!

For this reason, above all else, I would recommend Limsa Lominsa as the starting city. It has a weapon shop that's easy to find. Yeah, that's right. Cool. If you start the game as a fisherman and figure out just how gay this is, and that you actually want a weapon, this is by far most accesible in Limsa.

Aside from that, my personal favorite is actually Ul'dah. I think that Ul'dah has the nicest and most logical layout and it seems to have developed a natural player-based marketplace near the front gate, which is pretty nice. It just has these open areas and feels more like a city and less like a labyrinth (like Gridania and Limsa does - parts of these cities are just labyrinths of paths!). Ul'dah has this "wheel" feeling on the layout reminiscent of the World of Warcraft alliance cities like Ironforge, which is very nice and accesible.

So, I would advice you to pick Limsa Lominsa in first hand (for the accesible and easy to find weapon shop) or, in second hand, Ul'dah for a better and more logical layout of the city, which will make it easier to find the things that are there. Also, another thing that speaks for Limsa is that the mobs in the starting area seems to drop somewhat more useful items for low-level crafting, like rat pelts that are used in making animal glue (essential!).

As the picture of the day, enjoy this screenshot of me (Vivacia Yuuki) with my real-life fiancée, Hikkhammer Yuuki. If you see me in the game, he will often be around to... err... heal me when I run head-first into huge mobs and get us both killed.

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