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This is the journal of Vivacia Hoshi, an adventurous kitty in the world of Final Fantasy XIV. Find me in the deep woods of the Siren server and please enjoy these tales of my travels.

tisdag 5 oktober 2010

Desert adventure

Today I was hanging out in the woods around Gridania, just crafting the usual stuff, when I met a nice fellow who helped me rid the forest of some more evil mushrooms and then showed me to a repair vendor in the city of Ul'dah!

Ya-tta! The vendor gladly repaired my underwear for a few handfuls of gil (well worth it!). He also offered to repair my harness for about 10 000 gil, but I was like... dude... I can get a new one for less than that! Or a better one...

So, with everything repaired except my wierdly pricy harness, I am my new friend Silvari headed out into the wilderness around Ul'dah. This was quite a difference from Gridania! The Black Shroud is basically a forest layrinth with very few vistas... it's green tunnels with some mushrooms and squirrels and lots and lots of rain. However, the area around Ul'dah was quite amazing. It has fantastic views over this desert-like plateus and steppe-inspired vegetation with awesome mountain silhouettes in the distance. When the sandstorm faded it revealed spectacular colors, especially at sunset.

At Camp Horizon, Silvari introduced me to his friend Noelle and we decided to celebrate our meeting by assassinating some dodos. Dodos are bloated huge hen-like pinatas that (for some reason) transform into imps when you smash them. Ugh. Okay. Apparently imps are intestinal parasites in Eorsea. I must remember not to eat imp eggs! Or wait, arn't they mammals?

Anyhow, after finishing with the dodos we attempted some cactoid... and man, was that a bad idea! They have this special attack called "1000 needles" that shredded us to pieces in a single outburst. But were we discouraged? No! We tried again. And again. And again. And again. And then we gave up.

Curse you, wierd cactoid invasion!

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