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lördag 2 oktober 2010


Today didn't quite go as planned... I couldn't find any kind of weapon upgrade or the parts needed to make one! I am a blacksmith / armorsmith / goldsmith... surely I should be able to make some sort of weapon or armor upgrade for myself?

Apparently not. Each recipe needs some part from some other profession, like some silly log of lumber from a carpenter or some cloth from the weavers. This would be fine and dandy if there only existed some kind of MARKETPLACE with a search function or cathegories or some kind of clue as to who might possibly sell the items I need to craft.

Sigh. Kitty is too upset. She must rest now. Miao. Oyasumi!

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1 kommentar:

  1. Oh my god, you are cuteness!!!! I must have this game... as soon as my computer can handle it! And hehe I hope they have fixed the marketplace thing until then!

    Love, K



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