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lördag 9 oktober 2010

Travel in Final Fantasy XIV

Now for a note on travel.

I started out in Gridania and ran all the way to Ul'dah. That was a seriously long run, but not so bad. I mean, the trip between Ironforge and Darnassus was way worse before they added the Wetlands - Aubergine ship route, so you had to run across the entire continent...

At least in FFXIV, you can just teleport if you have enough anima, as long as you have been somewhere before. But anima is limited and it regenerated slowly, so it encourages you to plan your game sessions and your travels. I think I like this aspect. If you dart around on the teleport you'll soon run out of anime so that you have to run... but if you plan your travels and use the teleport only once in a while, you'll have anima left for when you want it.

From Ul'dah it was a fairly short run to the Limsa Lominsa ferry. A few notes on this:

When you board the ferry, you will be placed on board a ship for about 10 minutes. There is nothing to do on this ship, except fishing, trading with your fellow travellers, and possibly crafting. But beware! If the ship docks while you're crafting, you'll automatically botch the synthesis! I would recommend that you stick to fishing or go get a cup of whatever real life brew you're into. In my case, coffe.

For travelling in the wilds, you can either run or teleport between the crystal gates without using up anima. That's pretty neat - especially since the teleport gates are not right at the camp, so you still have to travel a little bit. Again, you need to plan your travels to make them efficent. I like the realism of that.

Finally, there is the classic "death teleport". I used this a lot when I played Anarchy Online. There, you "saved" your character in a computer bank in one of the cities and went off to the Temple of the Three Winds to grind bosses for wierd scifi tech components, and when you were done you got yourself killed and reloaded at the city. This was convenient since the Temple was in the middle of fricking nowhere, about 30 minutes run from anything else, and had no save point of its own.

Final Fantasy has the same possibility, unlike World of Warcraft where you had to run back to your corpse. In FFXIV, you are "saved" at the latest crystal that you touch and if you die, you respawn at the crystal. This is useful if you want to go out farming metals or plants and want a quick teleport back to town: simply touch the crystal in the city, teleport out to the farming area and when you are done, strip naked and aggro the biggest monster you see. You'll respawn in the city!

All in all, I'm fairly happy with the systems for travel. I especially like that the map is semi-transparent, so that you can look at the map while keeping an eye on your character.

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