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tisdag 19 oktober 2010

This dodo is freaking me out

Is this freaky or what... this blob was just... looking at me!

Anyhow, so Square Enix decided to give everyone a free month so that they will stay and play this content-free unfinished mess of a game until a major patch in late november. /cheer.

Incidentally, the patch arrives just a few days AFTER everyone's free time is up... so if you want to try the patch, you gotta pay the monthly fee!

I think I'll wait for the reviews.

Yeah, cause, I'm just not dumb enough to pay any more money for this product before they fix it. I'll enjoy barely playing during my free month though!

Now, back to playing a slightly pirated (maybe) Settlers 7.

Oh come on, Settlers 7 was so fucked up by DRM, there is no way I'll pay for it!

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