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onsdag 6 oktober 2010

Kitty got a dagger!

Finally! After all that time, all that grinding and crafting and running and exploring... kitty has a new weapon! Yay!

It's a lovely brass dagger that I bought from a passer-by for 50 000 gil. I'm sure I overpayed, but hey, it's basically the first time I ever saw a decent weapon for sale.

So now I'm levelling Gladiator, which seems to be some kind of sword-tank class. Got some useful skills from Marauder as well, so I'm sure that I'll be fairly useful in a fight. I feel about ready to tackle a dungeon or something... are there dungeons in Eorsea?

And the 100 000 gil question is: how can I get a shield?

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2 kommentarer:

  1. There are dungeons, but they're all 20+ so most people haven't gone in there. I don't know if there are bosses, but it's usually a cave or something that has a lot of enemies in it... That's all I know I guess...

    As far as shields go, I can make Square Maple Shields, and you can buy one in Gridania I think... the one that looks like a surfboard... the Bronze Hoplons and such are all crafted, so you'll have to watch out for people selling them... and in Ul'dah they have the very expensive and higher level ones for sale by npc vendor.



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