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This is the journal of Vivacia Hoshi, an adventurous kitty in the world of Final Fantasy XIV. Find me in the deep woods of the Siren server and please enjoy these tales of my travels.

lördag 2 oktober 2010

Trading in Final Fantasy XIV

So I found this new city! It took a pretty long walk, but I got there. Upon arrival, I spent some time browsing the market ward, looking for nothing and everything. I found this nice turban and these cool boots! Good thing the turban has holes for my furry ears. ^^

Well, let me tell you about the market districts in Final Fantasy XIV! In what real market would you ever walk around and see a bunch of sellers just standing around without any commercials, without adressing you, and without any signal whatsoever as to what kind of goods they are selling? Well, some are called "Ivan's armory", but most are called stuff like "Bob" or "LegolAss". To find out what they are selling you have to physically poke them and ask: "HEY, LegolAss, what do you have for sale?"

"I have these lovely handfuls of moss," LegolAss replies. "And look, I have the dismembered paws of a squirrel. They cost only 600 gil a foot!"

Uhm, no thanks, LegolAss, I think I'll keep browsing.

About 20 vendors of assorted crap later, I stumble upon some Wind Crystals at the bargain price of 200 a piece. Lucky! I buy a dussin and go on to find a few pieces of bone that I can use to make rings.

In the vain hope that some lost traveller will buy something from me, I plant my retainer Verity in the "Second Gigiyom Ward" of the market district. This is like one of a dussin totally gay sub-instances where you can plant your retainer so that no one will ever find her.

Time to leave my journal and return to Eorsea! My goal for the evening is to obtain a sword. Most likely, I will only manage to obtain three quarters of the materials used to craft the ass end of a mediocre blade. If I am very lucky.

(And I shall also pray to the gods that there will one day be an Auction House in the cities of Eorsea).

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