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söndag 3 oktober 2010

So far FFXIV is only grinding

Still no new weapons! In order to make myself a new axe, I need to become a better blacksmith. In order to become a better blacksmith, I need materials. In order to get materials, I need to mine. In order to mine I need to run around for hours and hours looking for mining nodes. Level 13 marauder and I still kick around with my level 1 waraxe of not-so-much doom!

See, it sucks so much I even got my pretty little behind kicked by a FLOWER! Yeah, that's right, a flower kicked my ass and it hurt bad!

So, to recap:

  • My underwear is still broken, since I can't remove them and I haven't found any repair vendor yet.
  • I still use my level 1 noob axe because crafting a new one is too hard and buying one is impossible since the market has no search function.
  • I have trouble progressing with my crafting professions due to co-dependencies (simple recipies require materials from other professions, sometimes high-level stuff).
  • Gathering materials is a chore since the yield is extremely random.
  • I constantly need to run back to town to exchange items with my retainer since a) my inventory is too small to handle materials for multiple professions, b) there are no vendors at the quest camps that I can sell trash items to.

All in all, I am not terribly impressed with the game mechanics. The graphics is nice, and the world has a nice "feel" to it, and I love the look of the scenery and the characters... but sometimes the game simply feels too hard!

I have only played for a week, and instead of adventure this is about 99,9% grinding.

I must admit that I am somewhat disappointed. I had expected this to be more of a social adventure MMORPG and not so much mind-numbing grinding... yet, grinding seems to be the only way to progress. Even the quests are disappointing... almost the only kind of quest available are what the WoW-nerd would refer to as "dailies", ie repeatable quests that you can do over and over again.

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2 kommentarer:

  1. -pat pat- Well, I am mostly inclined to agree that it's a lot of the same thing... but I did want to point out that there are repaid npcs... If you're in Ul'Dah which I think I saw in your picture, there's a little fellow near the chocobo icon... just to the left on the map... a ton of people are crowded around him though... so that might help or be a bother... He can repair your underwear, which was a weird thing for me to think about... never taking off my underwear. O.o

    I also hate how it's like, oh look... level 1 to make... ok, then you see that it requires this part that's level 24 in another discipline... and it's like, pffft... never mind... mostly though I do the local quests to get my skill up, and then take the raw materials I have and turn them into lots of parts... which... I guess I then hold... :(

    Oh, and lastly.... there IS an npc in every camp that you can buy, and more importantly sell things to. He or she is usually under a tarp off to the side... and so far in every camp there has been one... but not at the aetherial nodes... so hopefully you don't have to run back to the main city every time because... man! By the time you get to the second camp it takes like 20 minutes to travel back to town...

    What I do is keep my retainer in Ul'dah, because my stuff sells better there... then I level in Gridania's second camp, Emerald Moss... so once a day I teleport back to Ul'dah, do my retainer stuff and stock up... then die... and use return to get back to camp for free... hang around a few minutes then I'm off beating on squirrels....

    And sorry about the Roselett... I went to the Tamara Deepcroft or whatever and a squirrel threw his nuts at me and it KO'd me... so... yeah... but I can kill roses at 14, so you're close to getting revenge!

  2. Thanks for the tips Jefferie! I'll see if I can find the repair guy in Ul'Dah! I've mostly been around Gridania, though (Emerald Moss, usually). I'll look out for vendor NPCs at the camps too (haven't seen any - man, they should have a special symbol or color or something attached to their names!)



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